Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Heaven: How Side Tracks for Blackout Shades Can Help

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Light Blocking Strips

Blackout shades are some of the best assets for windows to bring darkness into your bedroom for sleep. But they aren’t always as great at blocking all light as we’d hope them to be.

If you want to transform your bedroom into sleep heaven, learn how sidetracks for blackout shades are just the ticket!

Are You Struggling to Sleep Because of Your Shades?

Many people nationwide work nights and rely on light blockers to ensure they can sleep during the day. However, many find their shades can be ineffective in stopping light from seeping into the sides.

Sidetracks for blackout shades have proven to be some of the most effective ways to prevent light from getting in and provide the best environment for daytime sleep. But what are they, and how do they work?

What Are Side Tracks for Blackout Shades?

Sidetracks for blackout shades are unique fixtures you can add to your shades to minimize and nearly eliminate the light coming through your windows. They supplement shades that already tackle unwanted light during your sleep but add that extra blocking power to curate a perfectly dark haven to sleep. This way you can avoid pesky outside light that is stopping you from curating a good night’s sleep.

Have a great sleep with side tracks for blackout shades.

Do you need to know how they can make a difference in your sleep? Please find out more about how they transform bedrooms into sleep havens below.

How Can Side Tracks for Blackout Shades Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Heaven?

How can such a device be the game-changer in getting a good night’s (or day’s) rest? Discover a few reasons how sidetracks for blackout shades can help below.

  1. Block nearly all light coming through the shades.

If there’s one thing that most shades don’t do very well, it’s blocking light from the sides. Sidetracks remedy the light spilling in through the sides, keeping so many up for those sleeping during the day.

  • They are customizable to any shade and blinds.

If you invest in sidetracks, you won’t have to worry about additional light seeping through because they aren’t the right fit. Sidetracks for blackout shades are customizable and scalable to fit your windows, minimizing that luminous wave getting in the way of your rest!

  • Absorb rogue light coming in through the sides.

Sidetracks for blackout shades are designed to absorb as much light as possible, adding a new dynamic to your already functional, light-blocking blinds. It’s an extra layer to combat rogue light through the sides, where 97% is absorbed through the meticulously designed sidetracks.

  • Get a more secure feeling with better privacy.

Finally, what creates the most comfort in your bedroom? It’s the feeling of security, curating through the sense of privacy established by blocking out the outside world.

Sidetracks for blackout shades ensure that nothing or nobody can peer into your bedroom sanctuary, creating the ultimate sleep heaven you’ve long desired.

So, where can you get sidetracks for blackout shades to create your sleep heaven?

Get Your Best Sleep with Side Tracks for Blackout Shades

Sleepy Time Tracks are found in over 28,000 homes across the United States and Canada, ensuring those daytime sleepers can rest quickly and satisfactorily. Learn more about how these quality light blockers create your desired sleep sanctuary.