I’m Robert from bobtheblindguy.com and the inventor of SleepyTime Tracks. I’ve been installing window blackout solutions for over 20 years.

In those twenty years I’ve installed hundreds of blackout shades. It didn’t matter whether customers bought roman shades, cellular shades or room darkening blinds. In nearly every one of those installations, the customers expressed disappointment about light glaring through along the sides.


Why do I need to black out windows that already have blackout shades?

If you’ve never had to deal with blackout shades or room darkening blinds then this question probably seems a bit silly. After all, why would you need to blackout your window when you already have room darkening shades?

As someone who has done this for a very long time. I can tell you from experience that this is one of the main questions customers asked after getting their blackout shades installed. Especially people with light sensitivity or who need to sleep during the day, like nurses, police, firemen, and graveyard factory workers.
Customers just assume that when they buy a window treatment with the word “blackout” that it means that their windows are going to be blacked out so they can sleep. But what most customers don’t know is that blackout shades do not entirely blackout your windows.

I learned early on in my career that nearly all blackout blinds leave annoying gaps that let light shine in. Truth of the matter is that all manufacturers know about this gap and if you read the manufacturer’s fine print they tell you that.

I was also trained early on in my career by my employer that if a customer was not happy about the gap, then it was my job as the installer to upsell those customers into buying more installation time to install expensive metal light gap blockers made by their window treatment manufacturer.

After years of customers complaining about those gaps of light and reluctantly upselling to keep my job, I decided to do something about it. I wanted to invent a solution that was effective, low cost, lightweight, removable, decorative, and was do-it-yourself friendly.

That was the beginning of our now famous SleepyTime Tracks. The only solution that is designed specifically to solve the problem of how to blackout windows that have blackout shades installed.

Our unique design was developed specially for blackout shades to block 97% of light peeking in along the sides. The special light absorbing “L” shape of our blackout strips is manufactured to fit most roller shades, cellular shades or most blackout blinds.

SleepyTime Tracks are super easy to install strips that adhere to your window frame opening with a strong self-adhesive magnet that runs the entire length of your window. Sleepy Time Tracks can be painted to match any room color and can be removed very easily for tilt-in windows.

We are the only solution that truly solves the problem in a way that is cost-effective, is beautiful, and easy to install on any window without the need to pay an installer. We absolutely guarantee that you’ll be amazed at how much light is blocked. Checkout this blackout shade video from one of our customers who had hunter douglas blackout shades.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your blackout shades at home depot, blinds.com, justblinds.com, target, or wal-mart, keego blinds, or MiLin.   They all have the same problem and Sleepy Time Tracks is the only product on the market that was designed specifically to solve that problem.
Why use SleepyTime Tracks?

Blocks 97% of light along the sides of your shades…Special light absorbing “L” shaped plastic material that adheres to your window opening with a strong self adhesive magnet that runs the entire length of your window.
Use with your existing shades, no need to buy new expensive window treatments….you will need at least a 1/4 inch gap between your shade and window frame for Sleepy Time Tracks to work.
Comes with two tracks 1-1/4 X 1-1/2 to cover one window.

Easy to install- in a couple of minutes with a pencil and utility scissors or tin snips… Each track comes with two self adhesive magnetic strips. One strip will come pre-attached to the track and the other self adhesive magnetic strip will stick to your window opening.

Conveniently take down and put up so easily…can still tilt in windows for cleaning or removal of screens.
Changing colors in your room. No problem, SleepyTime Tracks are paintable to match any decor.

No need to velcro on or peel off window film when you open your shades. Let light in when you want by opening your shades, and block the light when you close them. It’s that simple.
Finished and functional- clean appearance, available in black or white.
Saves you money on energy bills, helps keep out cold drafts.
Peace of Mind No-Risk Guarantee