Here are some of the most asked questions about Sleepy Time Tracks.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for then send us your question at  Your question just might be added to our FAQ

Will your light blocking strips work with cellular shades?

Yes.  Works with nearly all types of shades and blinds.

Are these Light Gap Blockers made in the USA?

Absolutely!  We make them and ship them from Northern Illinos.

Can I try one of the light blockers before buying multiple tracks?

Every window and every window treatment is different. Some shades have big gaps on the side, some very small. Some window frames are deep, some are very narrow. Sleepy Time Tracks is the best light blocking technology available and can work in most situations.

We suggest that before you buy multiple Sleepy Time Tracks for your home or business, that you try one set and see if it works on your individual window and treatment. We ship most orders out the next day and our return policy is 30 days from the date purchase, so you can purchase with confidence.  Plus they are made in the USA

How many light blocking strips come in each order?

Each order comes with 2 tracks. You can order with an optional bottom track, in which case you would get 3 tracks.

How do I cut these window light blocking tracks?

Sleepy Time Tracks are designed to be cut to size with a pair of utility scissors or tin snips.

Do Sleepy Time Tracks include a shade?

No. That is one of the many benefits of Sleepy Time Tracks.  You don’t have to go out and buy a expensive new shade. Sleepy Time Tracks blocks the light along the edges of your existing shade.

Will these light blockers work on my Stucco Walls?

Sleepy Time Tracks need a flat, smooth, clean, surface to work and will not work on stucco.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, message us for shipping cost. 

Will they work on my windows?

If you have any questions regarding if they will work on your windows, please email us and preferably send a picture and we will help the best we can to determine if they will work for you, before you order. All inquiries are answered quickly.  Email is

Do these light gap blockers work on outside mounts?

We find they work best with cellular (honeycomb) shades as long as the gap is less than one inch and you have a flat surface to mount the track.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping. Buyer pays return shipping fees.

Why are the inside black on a white track?

As the sunlight tries to transfer around the inside of the track it it best absorbed with black. We have tried other colors and found black works, by far, the best.

Can I remove the magnetic strip?

We use a very strong adhesive designed to withstand various temperature changes and will pull off paint and more.

If you absolutely need to remove the magnetic strips then we recommend that you first heat with a hair dryer before removing.

TIP WHEN FIRST INSTALLING……tape track in place with masking tape or such first, then you can reposition if needed before sticking magnetic tape. Once it is stuck, do not remove or it will compromise the adhesive.

I bought the 90 inch tracks. Why did we get a 60 inch and 30 inch?

90 inch track comes in 2 pieces, one 60 inch and one 30 inch. We’d like to ship it in one piece but it’s shipping constraints make it impractical. We have designed them in 2 pieces that once up, can easily be taped with black electrical tape where they meet to insure no light peeking in at that point.

Does it block 100% of the light?

Not much in life is 100%. We do not claim to block 100% of the light because every window is unique and different. Window frames can be off square, shades may not hang perfectly straight, the shade may have not be measured correctly. For these reasons, we cannot say that Sleepy Time Tracks are 100% light blocking, but they do an extraordinary job a blocking the majority of the light!