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Our Light Blocking Strips Blocks Light from Shining In Along The Sides Your Blackout Shades and Blinds

Light along sides of blackout shades
  • Do you need to blackout windows that have blackout shades?
  • Do you find it difficult to sleep during the day because light shines through the sides of your window shades?
  • Do you find yourself laying on one side facing away from the window so light won’t keep you awake?
  • Did you buy custom blackout shades only to find out they don’t block out all the light?
  • Are you tired of waking up to sunlight in your face?
  • Is your toddler not napping because of  light beaming through the sides of your windows?

Our Light Blocking Strips are an Effective Solution That Blocks Light Along The Sides Of Your Blackout Shades

We Finish The Job That Blackout Shades Can’t !

Sleepy Time Tracks Is The Window Blocker Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

It doesn’t matter whether you have light blocking blinds from Hunter Douglas, room darkening window shades from Home Depot or a cellular shade from ikea. One thing is for sure, they all leave annoying gaps that allow unwanted light to peek through and interfere with your ability to sleep.

light blocking strips before and after photo

Watch how our window blocking side tracks work

(45 Second Video)

What Are Sleepy Time Tracks & How Do They Work

Sleepy Time Tracks

1-1/2 inch X 1-1/4 inch “L” Shaped  Window Blockers That Attach Along The Edges Of Your Existing Blackout Shades.

Block Up To 97% Of That Annoying Light That Seeps In Along The Edges.

The Inside Of The Track Is Made Of A Black Material That Is Designed To Absorb Light.

They Are Effective For Gaps Up To 1 Inch. They Also Work To Reduce Cold Air Drafts.

Use On Your Existing Room Darkening Blinds & Shades.

Easy To Install With A Pencil & Utility Scissors.

Helps increase privacy in your bedroom.

Used In Over 23,000 Homes Across The USA & Canada.

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

How  Do Sleepy Time Tracks Attach To My Window Opening

Which Ones Do You Need “Removable” or “Permanent”

Use The Removable Solution

If You Have Tilt In Windows Or Need To Remove Your Screens, Then The Removable Solution Is For You. You Can Remove And Re-attach At Your Convenience.

For The Removable Solution You Will Need About A 1/4″ Gap For Them To Fit.

Use The Permanent “Lite” Solution

If You Have Tight Gaps And You Don’t Mind Not Being Able To Remove Them, Then The Permanent or “LITE” Are For You.

For The Permanent Solution You Only Need About A 1/8″ Gap For Them To Fit.

What people Are Saying About Sleepy Time Tracks

blackout blinds and shades
Connie S.
verified ownerverified owner

Perfect for what I needed. Blocks out the unwanted light coming through the sides of my blinds. My only regret is that I didn't order 2 sets. Also great customer service.

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2 days ago
verified ownerverified owner

Blocks the light as advertised. Removable style allows for some minor adjustments in position next to shade.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

2 days ago
Anthony A.
verified ownerverified owner

Awesome! I put these up in our bedroom and we all sleep so much better now. Added benefit; the dog no longer wakes up at the crack of dawn!

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 days ago
James Harris
verified ownerverified owner

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1 month ago
Gerard Gavin
verified ownerverified owner

We are having an issue with one window were the shade goes down partway and then stops. You can see the pencil mark where it does stick. After a number of attempts, I removed the track so the shade can go down all the way.. There is a very small amount of light that does come through on the sides and bottoms of the windows . Can you suggest what to put in at the top of the shade to block out the light, that would be helpful. Thanks.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

1 month ago

Effective on both Inside and Outside mounted Room Darkening Shades

Do you have outside mounted Roller Shades? Then check out our NEW SIDE CHANNELS they were designed just for you!

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What Colors Are Sleepy Time Tracks Available In

How Block Light For window shades
Light Gap Blockers

What Lengths Are Sleepy Time Tracks Available In

Side Tracks for room darkening cellular shades

What If You Don’t see The Length You Need

Side tracks for blackout roller shades

Ready To Get Rid Of Light Around Your Room Darkening Shades


  • Our window light blockers are 1-1/2″ X 1-1/4″. 
  • Blocks light in gaps up to one inch.
  • Increases privacy in your bedroom.
  • Helps reduce cold air drafts.
  • Removable (Magnetic) Version   strong magnets allow the tracks to be removed and re-attached at your convenience (Particularly helpful for tilt in windows and screen removal.
  • Permanent (Lite) Version   Can fit into tighter gaps. Only need 1/8 gap to fit.
  • Easy Installation   Only need a pair of utility scissors and pencil.
  • Can be used for either inside or outside mounted shades.
  • Comes in 60″, 72″ and 90″ lengths. Note 90″ are shipped as two pieces (one 60″ & one 30″) this is due to shipping constraints.   Many options to choose from to save you money.
  • Available in either black or white. Note: the inside is always black this is to best absorb light.  Blocks up to 97% of light coming into your room.
  • Can I Paint Over The Tracks? Yes, you can paint the white side any color you want.
  • What comes in Sleepy Time Tracks? Two light absorbing tracks.
  • Do You Have A Bottom Track? Yes the bottom track is optional and comes as a single track.


30 day money back

Our no-hassle 30 day guarantee removes any risk on your part for trying Sleepy Time Tracks.  If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase then simply return them for a full-refund. Buyer pays return shipping.

Ultimate Window Light Blocker Solution



Window Side Light Blockers are  perfect for people who need to sleep during daylight hours!

Migraine Sufferers
Night Shift Nurses
Police Officers
People who work the Midnight Shift
Fire Fighters
In-Home Movie Theaters
Reducing Cold Air Drafts
Increase Privacy

We Finish The Job That Blackout Shades Can’t !

Sleepy Time Tracks is the ultimate window light blocker solution that was designed specifically to cover those irritating side and bottom gaps. Our light blocking strips mount along the edges and bottom of most blinds and shades. Works with most window treatments, like roller Shades, Plain Fold Roman Shades, Flat Fold Roman Shades, Cellular shades, Flat Woven Wood Shades, and Pleated Shades.

✔ Installation is super easy – Easy to install in a couple of minutes and the only tools you’ll need is a pencil, tape measure and heavy duty scissors or tin snips. For maximum light control we recommend the optional bottom track.

✔ Our light blocking strips enhance the look of your window frames giving a nice complimentary appearance that fits most decors.

✔ Sleepy Time Tracks are also designed to be energy efficient because they block the heat & cold air escaping through those gaps. You’ll see year after year of savings on your energy bill. Along with improved insulation, they will add more privacy to your bedroom.

✔ Sleep Time Tracks is the affordable solution that blocks light gaps. Get instant relief from a problem that’s robbing you of a proper night’s sleep. Feel more energized and refreshed.

✔ Gives parents more time to themselves because kids nap longer.

✔ If you want to enjoy a favorite movie without glare, or more restful sleep with more privacy in the bedroom then Sleepy Time Tracks are for you!

✔ Our no-hassle 30 day guarantee removes any risk on your part for trying SleepyTime Tracks. If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase then simply return them for a full-refund. Buyer pays return shipping.

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