Do You Need to Block Light Coming In Along The Sides Of Your Blackout Shades and Blinds ?

Light along sides of blackout shades
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Finally An Effective Solution That Blocks Light Along The Sides Of Your Blackout Shades

Side tracks for blinds and shades

Why do I need to blackout windows that have blackout shades?

It didn’t matter whether you bought roman shades, cellular shades or room darkening blinds. In nearly every one of those installations, you might express disappointment about light glaring through along the sides.​

How do you black out windows that already have blackout shades?  If you’ve never had to deal with blackout shades or room darkening blinds then this question probably seems a bit silly.  After all, why would you need to blackout your window when you already have room darkening shades?

As someone who has done this for a very long time, I can tell you from experience that this is one of the main questions customers asked after getting their blackout shades installed.  Especially people with light sensitivity or who need to sleep during the day, like nurses, police, firemen, and graveyard factory workers.

You might just assume that when you buy a window treatment with the word “blackout” that it means that your windows are going to be blacked out so you can sleep.   But what most don’t know is that blackout shades do not entirely blackout your windows.

Sleepy Time Tracks

The Original Light Gap Blockers

Use on your existing shades

use with your existing blackout shades and can be trimmed to size with a pair of utility scissors or tin snips

Attaches Magnetically

this allows the tracks to be removed and re-attached at will. Particularly helpful for tilt in windows and easy screen removal

Magnetic Tape

each track comes with two self adhesive (3M) magnetic strips. One comes attached to the track and the other will attach to your wall surface.

Effective for both Inside or Outside Mounts

for inside mounts you will need at least 3/16″ along each side for the tracks to fit.

The inside of the track is always black

this is to best absorb the most amount of light

Easily trim to the size you need

designed to be trimmed on site with a pair of utility scissors or tin snips.

What people Are Saying About Sleepy Time Tracks

blackout blinds and shades


Super happy with this product. I painted them to match the trim/wainscoting in my son’s room, and honestly you wouldn’t know that it’s not part of the window trim. The adhesive is super sticky – so much so that I couldn’t even pull off and reposition when I didn’t get the first strip exactly where I wanted.

As mentioned by the seller, make sure there is a gap around the outside of the blinds! It turns out we don’t have enough of a gap (including hardware/pulls at top or bottom), so ended up only using one strip and then pushing the blinds to the other side. It’s a little asymmetrical but hardly noticeable due to the paint.

Highly recommend.


It was exactly what I needed and at a fair price. I called a local company and they did not even really know what I needed over the phone and was going to send someone to my place for $99 JUST to look at it. Instead, I spent less than that, took about 60 mins to put up myself (and I am not very handy or patient) and it blocks ALL the light.


We just installed these in our master bedroom and master bathroom. We’re just thrilled with the results so far. We have blackout cellular shades that were leaking light around the edges. These solve this problem perfectly and they were so easy to install. As long as the adhesive holds up (which it seems like it will), we are very happy with this purchase.



I bought these for my daughter’s room as she was complaining of light coming in from the sides of her room darkening shades. These were easy to install and work as advertised. Watch the video first. I cut the magnet first then cut the rest which made it easier to cut to size. I would definitely recommend these. She is happy with the results and so am I.


The item was exactly as described and is working well so far in reducing the light from the edges of my shades. While installing, I was initially having problems in cutting it to the right size, but then I realized that I could make a snip and just tear the rest along that line, and it worked well.

Effective on both Inside and Outside mounted Room Darkening Shades

Ready To Get Rid Of Light Around Your Room Darkening Shades

  • Available in either black or white. Note: the inside is always black this is to best absorb light.


  • Comes in 60″, 72″ and 90″ lengths. Note 90″ are shipped as two pieces (one 60″ & one 30″) this is due to shipping constraints.


  • What comes in Sleepy Time Tracks? Two light absorbing tracks along with magnetic strips with industrial strength adhesive.


  • Do You Have A Bottom Track? Yes the bottom track is optional and comes as a single track.


  • What Do I Need To Install Sleepy Time Tracks? A pencil and a pair of utility scissors or tin snips


  • Can I Paint Over The Tracks? Yes any color you want.
30 day money back

Our no-hassle 30 day guarantee removes any risk on your part for trying Sleepy Time Tracks.  If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase then simply return them for a full-refund. Buyer pays return shipping.

Ultimate Window Light Blocker Solution

It doesn’t matter whether you have light blocking blinds from Hunter Douglas, room darkening window shades from Home Depot or a cellular shade from ikea.  One thing is for sure, they all leave annoying gaps that allow unwanted light to peek through and interfere with your ability to sleep.


A perfect for people who need to sleep during daylight hours!

Migraine Sufferers
Night Shift Nurses
Police Officers
People who work the Midnight Shift
Fire Fighters
In-Home Movie Theaters
Reducing Cold Air Drafts
Increase Privacy

We Finish The Job That Blackout Shades Can’t !

Sleepy Time Tracks is the ultimate window light blocker solution that was designed specifically to cover those irritating side and bottom gaps. Our light blocking side tracks mount along the edges and bottom of most blinds and shades. Works with most window treatments, like roller Shades, Plain Fold Roman Shades, Flat Fold Roman Shades, Cellular shades, Flat Woven Wood Shades, and Pleated Shades.

✔ Installation is super easy – They attach magnetically so you can remove and re-install at your convenience which is particularly helpful for tilt-in windows. Easy to install in a couple of minutes and the only tools you’ll need is a pencil, tape measure and heavy duty scissors or tin snips. For maximum light control we recommend the optional bottom track.

✔ Our light blocker side tracks enhance the look of your window frames giving a nice complimentary appearance that fits most decors.

✔ Sleepy Time Tracks are also designed to be energy efficient because they block the heat & cold air escaping through those gaps. You’ll see year after year of savings on your energy bill. Along with improved insulation, they will add more privacy to your bedroom.

✔ Sleep Time Tracks is the affordable solution that blocks light gaps. Get instant relief from a problem that’s robbing you of a proper night’s sleep. Feel more energized and refreshed. Gives parents more time to themselves because kids nap longer. If you want to enjoy a favorite movie without glare, or more restful sleep with more privacy in the bedroom then Sleepy Time Tracks are for you!

✔ Our no-hassle 30 day guarantee removes any risk on your part for trying SleepyTime Tracks. If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase then simply return them for a full-refund. Buyer pays return shipping.