The Best Side Tracks For Blackout Shades

How To Block Light Around The Edges Of Your Existing Blackout Shades !

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Our light-blocking side tracks for blinds and shades block light from shining in along the sides of your blackout shades and blinds.

Removable version

side tracks for blackout shades

Strong magnets allows the tracks to be removed and re-attached at your convenience, particularly helpful for tilt in windows, ex. to clean windows or remove screens.

Comes with two magnetic adhesive strips, one comes attached to the track and the other gets attached to your wall and the two magnet together.

Magnetic strips use the best adhesive designed to stay up even in extreme temperature changes.

The inside of the track is a black, light absorbing material that makes your room darker.

You will need at least a 5/16″ gap or about the thickness of a standard size pencil along each side for these to fit.


Permanent Version

side tracks for blackout shades

These are not as thick as the removable version so you can fit them into tighter gaps. Only need 3/16 thick gap or the thickness of 3 pennies along each side for these to fit.

Uses a double tape with specially designed adhesive that will peel off with little to no damage to your wall if you need to take the tracks off.

These are designed to be used on tighter gaps and uneven surfaces.

The inside of the track is a black, light absorbing material that makes your room darker.

sleepy time tracks for curtain light blockers

Each order comes as a set of two tracks. Optional bottom track is a single.

side tracks for blackout cellular shades

Inside is a light absorbing black that blocks more light and prevents reflection

side tracks for room darkening shades

Available in 3 lengths 60″, 72″ and 90″ to fit the lenghts of almost any window

side tracks for blackout shades and blinds

Designed to be easily trimmed to your size with a pair of utility scissors or tin snips.

Light gap blockers for blackout shades

Sleepy Time Tracks can be painted with any latex paint to match your decor.

side tracks for blackout shades and blinds

Sleepy Time Tracks are available in either black or white. Note the inside is always black.

Used in over 30,000 homes across the US and Canada

Our Newest Light Blocker Products for  Blackout Roller Shades

Top Track and Side Channels For Outside Mount Roller Shades

Roller shades pose a unique challenge to blocking light. Our patented top track and  side channels rise to the occasion and become too perfect partner for your roller shades to block light along the edges.

Click on the images below for more information.

Top track for outside mount blackout roller shades
Side Channel Tracks for roller shades
Side Channel Tracks for Roller Shades

What People Are Saying About Our Light Blockers for Blinds

blackout blinds and shades
William Godios
Verified ownerVerified owner

What they don’t tell you when you buy room, darkening shades, especially motorized shades, that light still creeps in at the sides sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom depending on the make.

What you need is these brilliantly Thought out solutions to block that light which are simple to install and come with a magnetic strip so that they can be removed to clean windows, etc.

They truly make a world of difference. I’ve used these on other windows in my house, and I just installed these in my two huge bedroom windows where there’s a streetlight directly outside with the side mount and bottom mount. No light penetrates the bedroom. It is black perfect for disturbing sleep

The owners who came up with the idea Bob and Jan are great people to deal with. If you have any concerns, they’ll get right back to you if you email them. What’s more they stand behind their product you have a 30 day money-back guarantee but believe me, you won’t need to return them any problems contact Bob or Jan

1 week ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Sleepy Time Tracks work incredibly well, and they were easy to install too. The light (lux) during the brightest part of the day that made it into the room dropped ~1000x to <0.05 lux after installing these (and making some small adjustments). Amazing!

USPS lost our shipment for a bit, but Robert was very kind and quick to respond and helped get that one little hiccup sorted out. Great company, thank you!

3 weeks ago
Verified Buyer
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great product! Excellent customer service.

3 weeks ago
Helene L.
Verified ownerVerified owner

We got these to keep the light from leaking in to my sons nursery. They’re the only ones we could find for outside mounted blinds and they work SO WELL. The sun sets on that side of the house and you wouldn’t know it!

1 month ago
Verified Buyer
Verified ownerVerified owner

These were EXACTLY what I needed and totally changed my quality of sleep. Thank you!

2 months ago

Increases privacy and reduces cold air drafts

Ready to Get Rid of Light Along the Sides of Your Blackout Blinds and Shades With Our Tracks for Blinds?

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