Why Light-Blocking Tracks is a Must-Have for Those with Light Sensitivity and Migraines

by | May 29, 2023 | Light Blocking Strips

Light-blocking tracks from Sleepy Time Tracks aren’t just great for creating a great midday naptime environment for the little ones or blocking out the light in situations such as Alaska’s season of nonstop sunlight. In fact, they can be extremely useful for medical reasons, too.

If you’re suffering from light sensitivity or frequent migraines, light-blocking tracks might just be the solution you need that isn’t just another pharmaceutical or laying around waiting for it to stop. Here’s why.

What is Light Sensitivity?

For you to understand how Sleepy Time tracks help, you need to understand exactly what light sensitivity is.

In short, it’s when your eyes are a bit too sensitive to light. When you’re overexposed to it, it can cause eye aches, headaches, and other uncomfortable situations that can be extremely debilitating.

Migraines are often a side-effect of such light-sensitivity conditions. Thus, using Sleepy Time tracks for your light sensitivity will likely help with your migraines, too.

Light blocking tracks for light sensitivity and migraines.

What are Sleepy Time Tracks?

Sleepy Time tracks are tracks that attach to your window and allow you to fully block out outside light. They don’t require any complex attachment methods or tools, and they simply stick to your existing window frame.

These tracks fit light-blocking cells that filter out sunlight and light pollution much more effectively than blinds, shades, or other options.

How Do Sleepy Time Tracks Help?

Sleepy Time tracks help you with light sensitivity and light-related migraines because they give you control over the light you allow into your home. While most people enjoy plenty of natural lighting, it can be far too bright for someone with light sensitivity.

By using Sleepy Time tracks, you can block out natural light, and the night pollution often associated with urban environments, and then you can use your own lighting sources customized to meet your needs without causing debilitating headaches.

Instead of having your home flooded with light for the entirety of the day, you can cut it off with Sleepy Time tracks, turn on some dim lights, and still live your life without debilitating pain.

The Benefits of Sleepy Time Tracks for Adults

Obviously, babies, toddlers, and children can benefit from Sleepy Time tracks because they can enjoy a night-like environment to nap in, aren’t distracted by light pollution, etc.

For an adult, you’ll enjoy:

  • A better night’s sleep without light pollution
  • Lower energy bills due to decreased cooling needs
  • More control over your home’s lighting
  • No commitment, no hassle, installation
  • Fewer light-related migraines
  • Decreased agitation of your light sensitivity
  • A generally more comfortable and energy-efficient home

The benefits of Sleepy Time tracks extend far beyond light-proofing a naptime area or ensuring your baby gets a good night’s sleep in the middle of a busy city. There are tons of benefits for you, too.

Most importantly, it’s a “track”. Not a permanent addition. If you want natural light during some periods, just slide your light-blocking material out of the way. When you need to block out the light, slide it back.

Get your Sleepy Time tracks, today.