Attention 3rd Shift Nurses

Whether you work in the ER, ICU, Psych, Med Surgery, Pediatrics, or an aspiring student.  One thing is for sure, nurses are under appreciated and exhausted from being overworked.  But if you’re an overnight shift Nurse then you have a the special challenge of trying to get quality sleep during daylight hours.


Do you have Blackout Shades that let light in like these and need a light blocking solution to eliminate the glow along the sides?

light blockers for blinds
Blind Light Blockers
Blind light blockers

Want a light blocking solution that will give you these kind of results!

Light gap blockers
window light dark
Side tracks for blinds and shades

Block light along the sides of your existing blackout blinds & shades with Sleepy Time Tracks and get the rest you need

blinds that block light

Introducing Sleepy Time Tracks

Sleepy Time Tracks is the only solution designed to help already overworked tired nurses sleep better.  Our specially designed L-Shaped window tracks block light peeking though along the side of your black out shades so you can rest.  Watch as Kacey demonstrates how Sleepy Time Tracks work and how Easy they are to install.

Get Quality Sleep

Blocks 95% of light peeking in around your existing blackout blinds and shades.

Feel Rejuvinated

Face your morning with confidence after a good nights rest.  You’ll feel so much better and be in a better mood ready to face the day’s new challenges.

Easy Installation

Installs in minutes with a pair of utility scissors and a pencil.

30 Guarantee

100% No risk Guarantee.  Try our Sleepy Tracks for Nurses.  If you don’t find them helpful in getting a good nights rest then return them for a full-refund.

Who Are Sleepy Time Tracks For?

If you are a Nurse who works the overnight shifts and has trouble sleeping during the day because sunlight creeps through your windows, then Sleepy Time Tracks is for you.

What Are Sleepy Time Tracks?

1-1/2″ X 1-1/4″ “L” shaped strips that attach along the edges of your existing blackout window shades. Blocks up to 97% of that annoying light that seeps in along the windows edges.

How Sleepy Time Tracks Work

Sleepy Time Tracks are L-shaped plastic strips that attach along the sides of windows.  The the inside of the track is coated black which helps absorb light.  The unique L-shape deflects incoming light preventing it from shining into your room.